Joining Toastmasters will help you personally and professionally.

Having the skills and confidence to effectively express yourself in any situation can change your life. And with Queenstown Toastmasters, you’ll learn and practise these skillsin anencouraging, enjoyable, and affordableclub atmosphere!

Skills you’ll achieve

Clear thinking under pressure
Developing and presenting ideas effectively
Leadership confidence
Conducting effective meetings
Improving your ability to motivate and persuade
Becoming more effective as supervisor, manager, or leader.


Hooray! We’re back to meeting in person from Thursday 4th June. This is your chance to see how Toastmasters can help you.

Build speaking confidence

Our club gives speaking opportunities at every meeting. Whether you present a prepared speech, participate in an impromptu session, or fill a meeting role, you’ll get the valuable practice that builds yourskills and confidence. Our safe and supportive club environment means there’s no pressure. You work and develop at your own pace.

Become a more effective speaker

An integral part of the club is giving and receiving feedback. After you speak, a fellow Toastmaster will give the feedback that helps you grow your speaking skills. In turn, you’ll learn by listening and giving feedback to other club members. Toastmasters’ way of learning overcomes nerves and helps you become more a more effective speaker.As you proceed, you’ll find you no longer fear the situations that were once terrifying.

Improve your presentation skills

You’ll learn how to structure your presentation and incorporate effective use of vocal variety and body language, to truly engage with your audience. You’ll also learn about working with a speaker’s tools and technology – for example, the traps and techniques of using microphones, and how to avoid “Death By PowerPoint.” You’ll learn how to create your own memorable presentations, using the techniques that sell your ideas far more persuasively than you have ever imagined.

Improve your leadership skills

Our club is run by its members fulfilling voluntary leadership positions. You’ll build your speaking skills, and gain valuable experience leading a team.You’ll learn how to chair and run meetings.

The ability to communicate with confidence to groups of people or one-on-one is a skill successful managers and leaders enjoy. Our members have found that becoming comfortable with speaking to a group makes their day-to-day interactions much more effective and pleasurable, even if they aren’t required to speak in public.

Meet your professional goals

Your learning path can be tailored to meet your professional and personal goals. Toastmaster’s programmes are constantly evolving and developing, and suit a diverse range of requirements. If you’ve ever been on a job interview, tried to convince your boss of an idea, or wished you could think faster on your feet, then the skills you learn at Toastmasters will help you.

A couple of misconceptions

“But I don’t have any experience!”  We all joined as inexperienced novices. And we’re all at various stages on our personal journeys towards being the speakers we would like to become.

But I am not good enough to join! It’s wrong to think that Toastmasters is an organisation of good speakers. The opposite it true! We’re better described as a group of people who wish they could speak better! The programmes we follow help us identify areas for improvement and give us the skills to get there.

We are excited to help